Works of Joadoor are characterized by neo-classical influences. Their subjects often refer to Roman, Chinese and Gothic times.  Modern and Classical elements are being combined to become a whole of elegance and expression.

Joadoor is the artistic name of 2 succesful artists: Ger Doornink en Hans-Jochem Bakker.

Works of Joadoor are normally unsigned and can be found in postershops worldwide for about 50 Euros.

This however, are all pencil signed lithographs in a worldwide limited edition of 1.000

The dimensions of the lithographs below start from 60 x 80 cm .

Price: € 45,00 each

Interested? Let us know (don't forget to mention the title)


Toetach-Amon I

Yellow Amarilles




Portrait of Nefretite I




Toetach-Amon II



Les Trois Fleurs I

Aphrodite I

Les Trois Fleurs II



Aphrodite II





Blue Amarilles











Portrait of Nefretite II